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Youths Experience Sharing About Benefits of Sahaja Meditation

Mathana Mohan: Hi, everyone out there. My name is Mathana. I’m 17 years old. I’m in my final year in high school. I’m in Sahaja Yoga for five years. I have experienced a lot of wonders in Sahaja Yoga, such as meditation. Meditation helps a lot. While meditating, inner qualities shows out. So, through that, when I communicate to others, it would help us a lot to communicate, to understand others and whoever, helps us understand our inner powers and even have opportunities for such things.

Meditation is one of the great methods that helps me in my studies. There’s a few methods that can be followed. It also helps me to stay up a long night to study until late night and doesn’t feel tired in the morning when I go to school. It also helped me control my angers a lot. I usually am a very bad-tempered guy. If wrong things are done by anyone to me or just by bullied, I’d be getting just angered and try to answer them. But through Sahaja, I get control of my anger. I fought far less. Life in Sahaja Yoga is very interesting and also you get to meet a lot of people, outsiders, countries. It helps us to expose ourselves to the public, braveness, courageous, talk to everyone in this way. Even there’s a lot of experience that I have passed through the beautiful ways and it’s also like whatever desire you also have and with our knowledge, our desire is fulfilled beautifully. Well, thanks for listening to me and I hope you all will join Sahaja Yoga and I will meet you soon. Take care.

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