Youths Experience Sharing About Benefits of Meditation – Testimonials Sahaja Yoga

Jayanthi: Hi, I’m Jaya.

Wenesia: I’m Wenesi.

Suji Thra: And I’m Suji Thra.

Jayanthi: Currently I’m working.

Suji Thra: I’m studying.

Wenesia: I’m working as well.

Suji Thra: We are all from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jayanthi: We are practicing meditation and for now, I am practicing almost five years.

Suji Thra: And for me, I’m also here five years.

Jayanthi: It has benefited all of us in various kinds of experience. For me, I was working and studying when I started practicing this and I’m usually in a very stressful situation. But practicing this meditation really helped me to relax.

Wenesia: In my case, I started meditation in a very different way. It was through my parents, they were trying to convince me but unfortunately, I was pretty much against all these kind of things. I had a lot of trouble and after a while of being explained by a lot of people, especially people my age back then, I realized that it’s very different and now, I’m a much happier person. It has made me into someone who has a lot of patience and I see life very differently. I used to be very different kind of child. I had a different kind of background and now, I find that friends are so much easier to find through meditation. It’s not what a lot of people tend to think, how boring it is, how lame it’s supposed to be, but the other thing is a lot of fun. It lessens your stress, it takes away the tension, pressures from life, from work, from school. Not only that, it actually helps you realize that life isn’t so bad after all. That feels great, so try it.

Suji Thra: For me, it started when I was in high school and, as you all know, studying and practicing meditation, you might think it’s kind of lame, teenagers might think but for me it’s really fun because whenever I meditate, I just really go beyond myself, it’s really, really nice, which everyone should try. Through this meditation, it’s given me my inner peace, it shows me who I really am. Before this, I was not so courageous, I’m not so brave to see and talk to people but after this meditation, it gave me the strength to meet and talk. As I’m a student, I know the difference in me before and after this meditation. Studying wise, I’m giving a very positive, I know that I’m giving my parents for what they are.

Jayanthi: For me, it is a beautiful experience. When I started to know meditation, I learned a lot of things in life. I see life in a very beautiful way. I see each and every one in a very beautiful way. For me, I think each and every one is a different and beautiful creation of the world. And this is a part of things that I’ve learned throughout my journey in this meditation. I became very brave person, very courageous, very diplomatic and I don’t get easily angered on anyone, even if anybody tend to hurt me or to scold me. I’m more relaxed, I take it as part of the day. For all of us, we have been practicing this for a while and you should come and join us. It is a beautiful experience, a beautiful new journey where you can adventure all of things, you meet a lot of people, a lot of friends and all of us are happy.

Wenesia: You know what’s the best part? Meditation is fun.

Suji Thra: It’s true joy.

Wenesia: Everything within you.

Jayanthi: And it’s a new experience, a new journey, a beautiful journey.

Suji Thra: It shows the real you.

Jayanthi: If you want to know more about what we are experiencing, you can go to www.sahajayoga.organd check it out.

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