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Youth Program – Live Testimonials on Sahaja Yoga Meditation “WE ARE ONE”

Shulin: My name is Shulin and I’m part of the Youth Program. I just came to Canada two months ago. This is my lovely family here with everyone in this community. Sahaja yoga for me, I was, my childhood, my parents were divorced and I was living with my grandparents. So, it was quite a struggle for me through my childhood, it was quite dark. I got my self-realization when I was 11 years old. So, until now, it’s five, six years I’ve been practicing Sahaja yoga meditation. I’m here to define Sahaja yoga in my way, from my experience that Sahaja yoga, it brings me a whole new understanding of my position and about the power I have and about relationships with everyone and everything on this Earth, with everyone. It’s not the power of like, suppose, intelligence or something. It’s the power of love and being peaceful and the power of forgiveness, the power of being satisfied that has changed my life totally. I cannot imagine the person I was before. So, I thank Sahaja Yoga from both my heart and I really hope that you can say the same thing after you come to this community and experience this amazing meditation with us. Thank you.

Yon: Hi, so my name is Yon and I started Sahaja Yoga a couple months ago and when I first got into it, I thought, I didn’t know what it was really about but as I went along, I realized it’s all about being a more compassionate and peaceful person. And through daily mediation and through the guidance that I received in the Youth Program, it actually changed my life. I know some of you may be thinking, “well, in a couple of months, how can you say that it changed your life?” Well, in firsthand, from my experience with people and the way I talked to them, I realized that forgiving, the power of forgiveness, truly changed my ability to form and maintain relationships with other people. When I talk to people, my brother, my little brother, I can be a good brother now. I don’t get mad, I can accept that he made a mistake, I can accept that I made a mistake and I believe that all of us should go back to this stage in life when we were just chill and we didn’t care if we messed up or not, we were happy all the time. Because we get mad. I get mad on this test, I’m angry. You can’t do that. You got to accept your mistakes, face them and through this, we can be fearless people, we can be wise people and we can be like a family. Sounds cliché but it’s not. Forgiveness.

Nathan: Hi, my name’s Nathan. I started Sahaja Yoga just two months ago, like my friend Yon and how we started is pretty interesting actually. We went to the library to do some homework actually. There was poster, just a flyer outside and it said, “free meditation”. So, I was like, hey, it’s free, why not. We went to the first class and it was like, hey, this is something new, I like this. And so, I went to the second class and then the third class and before I knew it, I was really caught up in the whole Sahaja experience. There are two great things I love about Sahaja Yoga. The first thing would just be the benefits, as my friends have talked about. I mean a lot of the time, we’re thinking about the future or we’re caught up in the past, but Sahaja Yoga is really about the present and I feel like when I meditate, I’m able to focus and no matter what’s going on around me, I’m able to stay in the present, still myself. And so, that’s the one thing I love about Sahaja Yoga. The second thing I love about Sahaja Yoga is just the community. I think the community is amazing. I mean, I’ve only met these guys, I’ve only known them for about two months, but it already feels like we’re actually family and I extend an invitation to any of you other youths who are interested in joining as well. It’s a really great experience and although, yeah, again, I started on a whim, I really thoroughly enjoy in and it’s something that I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks.

Shirin: Hi, my name is Shirin and I’m fairly new to this program. To me, Sahaja Yoga is about being true to yourself, being in the present and getting all the qualities from within you and extending that forward to other people around you. I feel that it’s changed various aspects of my life, such as communicating with people which I was very anxious to do before. It’s about being one yourself and to the world and sharing your true knowledge with everyone and just being a family and enjoying yourself.

Speaker: I amaze myself because Shirin to speak like that in front of this crowd. We put her on the spot, she had no idea that would be a testimonial part. She could not make it for our dance rehearsals lately but really felt that we are family, let’s do it together. What can I say, we did not rehearse anything. So, I’m just saying, we just said maybe you say something about this, that would be great and I am just amazed. They are wonderful themselves, they’re absolutely wonderful.

Sam: My name’s Sam, I’m 20 years old. I’ve never been to school in my life. Growing up, I was very free, left free to do whatever I felt to do at the time or whatever it was. When I was young, my mum would always take me around to places and groups and stuff like that and my mum would always say that every time I was at a park or something, I would come up to her afterwards and go, “I made a new friend”. So, I was very social but when I became a teenager, I chose to spend a lot of my time on the computer, which took me away from that and I became a very solitary person. I didn’t interact with people a lot, I didn’t talk in front of people, to the point where I would be nervous, I’d be anxious to go up and buy something at a store. They’re supposed to be nice to you, you’d expect them to be nice but I still would be nervous about that and when I joined Sahaja Yoga, that really helped me become a collective person. Two years ago, you would not find me standing up here. I would be nervous, shaking, completely freaking out standing up here but I’m not, I’m fine, I’m comfortable, I’m happy and it really started to when I stood in front of the class in Burlington and I gave a presentation. It was completely no practice, no anything. I just got up there and I’m going to talk for 10 minutes and it was my experience with Sahaja and, this is, I made this for the presentation. I drew it all on the computer, using what’s called the Drawing Tablet. For those who don’t know what a Drawing Tablet is, it’s about the size of a piece of paper, piece of equipment you plug into the computer and it has a pen and you draw on the piece of equipment and it shows up on the computer. I made that with this, it’s the biggest drawing I’ve ever made. On the computer, it’s like 2,000 pixels wide, huge, huge picture and I did 90% of it in a week. Lots of time was put into it but I enjoyed every second of it, I loved it, it was like a meditation for me to sit down and work on this. It was wonderful. It’s brought my creativity so much being in Sahaja. My latest project was that slideshow from the beginning which, as we want to mention, I spent 12 hours straight working on, I was so absorbed in what I was doing, I loved it so much, again it was like a meditation for me. I was there working on it, I didn’t go to the bathroom, I didn’t eat, I didn’t move for 12 hours, working on it because I had so much fun, I was so absorbed in it, I enjoyed it so much. It was wonderful. Sahaja has brought out my creativity so much and it’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

They print it out high quality and if anybody wants to buy, $5 small, $10 big. This is for the Youth Program in Burlington. So, that’s their project, they’re the owner.

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