1987 - 1989Chapter 3Experiences

You’d better hurry

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We were meeting Shri Mataji at the airport, which was something Australians weren’t used to doing. I had been given the honour of presenting Shri Mataji with a beautiful garland. It was a very long garland, as high as Shri Mataji. I was holding this garland and it was so heavy and all of a sudden the string broke. It fell on the ground and I was horrified. I picked it up and put it together as best I could, but I was thinking, ‘How can I offer this to the Goddess, because it has been on the ground?’

Eventually Shri Mataji arrived and I was still wondering what to do, when Mother turned round.

‘Well, if you want to give it to Me, you’d better hurry,’ She said.

Barbara Napper