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You have to pray

You have to pray | Sahajayoga Reviews

In 1984, during Shri Mataji’s stay in Pune, a few seekers called on Her at Her residence. She told the Sahaja Yogis to give them self realisation. I was trying to raise the Kundalini of one of them but it was not rising. After some time Shri Mataji noticed me.

‘You have to pray. You are nobody to give the self realisation,’ She said, then raised his Kundalini and gave him realisation. While working with the next seeker I remembered Her words. She was talking to a seeker seated at Her left while I was at the right. I prayed to Her in my mind, with folded hands, to grant self realisation to the seeker, and Shri Mataji turned to me.

‘Hm! Now he will get it,’ She said, and the seeker felt beautiful vibrations.

Raman Kulkarni