1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

You are here to enjoy yourself

At the end of a public programme Shri Mataji was giving at the Hampstead Town Hall, London, in November 1983, She was patiently listening to an old English gentleman talk away to Her for what seemed a long time and then all of a sudden, as if Shri Mataji felt me looking at Her, She looked at me and in a comical way raised Her eyes in an upward gesture as if to share the fun and humour of the situation while this man continued to speak such nonsense to Her! Later, at another programme I went to give Shri Mataji a flower. I remember at the time feeling so busy with thoughts, concerned with what Mother wanted me to do and how She wanted me to live my life. Not saying anything, I gave Her the flower, and Mother just looked at me as if to answer my thoughts.‘Just enjoy yourself. You are here to enjoy yourself!’ She said. It has become the mantra of my life ever since.

Colin Heinsen