1960-1980Chapter 2Experiences

You are fortunate that you saw Me

A memorable evening | Sahajayoga Reviews

‘Raolbai, I want you to come to My house tomorrow. All of you who felt vibrations must meditate every morning and evening, so as to go deep and feel them.’

I used to stay with my daughter in a one room apartment and at around 4 am I woke up and I was surprised to see Mataji in front of me in the same position as when She gave self realisation in Bordi.

‘Do you get thoughts by putting attention on Me?’ She asked, when the next day I met Shri Mataji.

‘No,’ I said. Mataji told me that I had attained my thoughtless state.

‘What did you see in the morning?’

‘Mother, I saw You in a meditating pose.’

‘For all the people to whom I gave self realisation yesterday, I was meditating in the morning for them. As you all are new and do not understand, you are fortunate that you saw Me.’