1981-1983Chapter 23Experiences

You always please Me

Monday 24th January – diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

We had worshipped Shri Mataji as Shri Bhumi Devi in the garden at Surbiton ashram, in 1983. When it was time to go home we were chatting by the car parked at the end of the drive way furthest away from the house, when Shri Mataji came out and spoke to some of the yogis nearest to Her. She then began to walk across the car park. My only ‘thought’ was that She incarnated to come to us and She even (physically) was walking towards us. In my heart I felt that this was too much. I found myself at Her Feet.

‘Mother, how can we please You?’ I asked.

‘You always please Me,’ She replied, and picked me up.

I understood this in the sense that we ‘do’ this when we want to please Her with our hearts. Then She rubbed my hand, but I could not feel Her hand- I saw only the expanse of stars and space flowing from the stream of Her hair.

Gillian Woltron