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A humbling experience

Monday (diary entry) | Sahajayoga Reviews

A polished wood coffin, closed, was what my eyes rested upon at midnight on Sunday. No thoughts that this was the last time came into my head then. All I felt was the flood of vibrations blasting towards me – through me. My dad knelt down to pray. So did my sister and the rest of my family members – seventeen of us from my seventy year old grandmother to my ten year old cousin. Even the cab driver who brought us here bowed down, by what instinct I know not. I prayed but only for a short while.

From the near seventy thousand that came yesterday stretching into mile long lines to this steady trickle in the wee hours of the morning, there were very few people present now when I reached Shri Mataji’s final resting place. In the end I slept right there, near the coffin.

I have been blessed to have been named by Shri Mataji and to be held in Her arms and have my future predicted and thus in a way written by Her. She even told my parents what medicine to give me when I had a bad tummy. I have worshipped Shri Mataji many times at many pujas as a kid. I once sat directly in front of her for nearly six hours as a lowly bag carrier for the camera crew at a Puja in Pune a few years ago. I had to watch the camera, which was directly in front of Shri Mataji. So there I was six just feet away directly in front of Shri Mataji with no work. After that and a dream of Shri Mataji yelling at me to take my biology seriously, then a subsequent one saying She was pleased that I was, taking it seriously now, I am here, in front of a closed coffin blasting out vibrations of a level I can barely take. The right half of me felt the coolest I have ever felt while my left side was warm in vibrations. My body at that time chilled in the cool night air.

I sit down for my last meditation in front of Her physical form. I read the Devi Kavach, the Rama Kavach, the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and hymns in praise of the Goddess. As my vibrations in every part of my body cleared I became happier and happier.

I am writing sitting out at the back of the tent where Shri Mataji’s body is being kept before Her last rites were to be performed. The vibrations are still blasting out of there. I had slept for three hours on the earth beside Shri Mataji until someone asked me to move for the increasing numbers of people were coming. I may be tired but I do not feel it. The crowds have begun to throng and shortly I will lose myself in them to be apart from the greater awareness. I will be a part of the collective again. This stay with Shri Mataji has been my longest in Her physical presence.

Sunny Redican

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