1960-1980Chapter 3Experiences

We must always be in a joyous mood

We must always be in a joyous mood | Sahajayoga Reviews

Mother came back to India from the USA in 1972. We again had a programme in Dhulia and when She came we would treat Her like a guest. There was no aarti, no puja, only warm hospitality. When Mother’s car arrived some children sent showers of flowers all around.

‘How can I walk on such beautiful flowers?’ Shri Mataji said as She climbed the stairs to enter a room.

‘Mother, I am sorry that You had to climb so many stairs,’ I replied.

‘Oh, it’s nothing. My labour has borne fruits, as I see so many of you self realised.’

Mother stayed there for four days and during that period I prepared everything for Her personal use and meditation. For the self realisation, Mother would ask the seeker to hold Her Feet and requested us to work on the back of the seeker. In this fashion, She would give realisation to each and every one. People in Dhulia were surprised to feel the vibrations all over and Mother would answer all the doubts and questions of every seeker. By the evening time, there was such a large crowd to have self realisation that we did not know what to do. But Mother effortlessly and in a most loving manner gave realisation to all those who desired.

Later, when She left for the house in the car, many seekers followed Her for the blessings of the Devi. Before She left, we all desired for the puja of the Mother. She agreed to it and the first puja was performed in the most humble and simple manner. During the puja my sari caught fire, but nothing happened to me. Mother said in very sweet manner that it had to get burnt, so it got burnt. At that time, we would worship Mother as Shri Mataji only.

Later we all went to Nasik with Mother in Her car. On the way the car broke down and we had to spend some time in the fields. The car was sent for repair and we meditated in the fields. Then Mother said that maybe this land has some punyas, that one day She would come and sit here.

‘See how nice it is here and we are all enjoying. What has to happen, will happen, but we must always be in a joyous mood.’