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Video Testimony – Everything Sahaja Talkshow

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to everything Sahaja yoga. Today we have two special guests sharing their experience with us. So, let’s introduce yourself. Tell us your name and how did you find out about Sahaja yoga?

Bhupinder: Yeah, hi, my name is Bhupinder and she’s my daughter. We came to know about Sahaja yoga about three years back through one of my cousins and we have been doing the Sahaja yoga since then. I mean, there was a gap of about one year, I mean, we could not practice Sahaja yoga for some personal reasons but we have been doing this for the last three years now.

Interviewer: Tell me about your personal Sahaja experience, what do you do in Sahaja yoga?

Girl: What do you mean?

Interviewer: When you come to the class, what do you do?

Girl: Well, I meditate and we listen to Mother’s talk.

Interviewer: And what’s the difference, like, before and after the class? Like, before you do the Sahaja yoga and after you learn the Sahaja yoga, what do you feel the difference is? Do you feel you’re calmer, you’re more relaxed?

Girl: Yeah.

Interviewer: Does it help your school grades? Little bit?

Girl: Yeah, little bit.

Interviewer: I notice you’re wearing a turban, so you are a Sikh?

Man: Yeah, I am a Sikh by religion.

Interviewer: Is there a conflict for a Sikh to practice Sahaja yoga?

Man: No, there’s no conflict.

Interviewer: What’s the meaning of this turban, the significance?

Man: someone of religion, actually, turban has been given by our tenth guru, guru Gobind Singh Ji, so since his age all the Sikhs started wearing turban.

Interviewer: Well, if somebody is new to Sahaja yoga, how would you tell them about like what is Sahaja yoga?

Man: Sahaja yoga, the first thing I think we should do is to bring him or her in the Sahaja yoga training class and let him or her go through the training. Once in a week, we have scheduled in different areas in Vancouver, and let them experience at their own what do they feel about after doing the meditation training attending the training class and doing some daily practices like doing meditation every day in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes and doing some foot soaking techniques. So, then they can share their experience, they will learn better and they will let you know in a better way about do they feel about the Sahaja yoga.

Interviewer: In yourself, before and after Sahaja yoga, what is the difference that you feel personally?

Man: Definitely, I mean there is a lot of difference. When you go to the training classroom, when I come over here, before Sahaja yoga, maybe I’ve been too much thinking about my work or maybe little bit depressed sometimes, too much anxiety is there but after attending this class for one hour, I feel very, very relaxed, my brain, my soul is completely calm and I’m very much relaxed.

Interviewer: And for you, if you have a classmate that are very stressful, what would you tell them about Sahaja yoga

Girl: I would just bring them here and let them experience it. They will feel relaxed.

Interviewer: What kind of stress a typical teenager would go through regularly these days?

Girl: Maybe like if the test is coming up or you’re not caught up on homework or maybe you’re getting bullied.

Interviewer: I noticed in Sahaja yoga here there are lots of families, like husband, wife, the whole family here, coming every week. And your wife comes here as well?

Man: Yes, she also comes with us. All our family they come here almost every week.

Interviewer: That’s a that’s a wonderful family activity. After you start Sahaja yoga, do you feel the difference, like your relationship with your wife? Do you have any difference before and after Sahaja yoga?

Man: Definitely, you do because by doing meditation every day and doing foot soaking every day, it brings improvements within yourself. It makes you feel better and better and once you are feeling better, then of course, everybody surrounding you will feel better.

Interviewer: Surinder told me before Sahaja yoga, he was angry all the time. But after Sahaja yoga, he and his wife have better relationship because he doesn’t get angry easily.

Man: Yeah, exactly, I agree with that.

Interviewer: You experienced that too?

Man: Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay, we’re almost running out of time. Do you have any final words to say to our audience? You know, people come into our website every day and want to learn about meditation.

Man: I would only request to everybody that you must do the meditation on daily basis. Try to do both times in the morning as well as in the evening. If you are not able to do at least once in a day, you must do the meditation and you must do the foot soaking. That’s very, very important.

Interviewer: Is there a cost coming to the class here?

Man: No, there is no cost, absolutely not.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful. So, it’s all free here?

Man: Yeah, yeah.

Interviewer: So, you feel like coming home?

Man: Exactly.

Interviewer: Yeah, you come home, you see your parents and everything all free. It’s not like business.

Man: Whatever the number of families come over here 40, 50, 60 different families, we all treat each other as like brother and sisters.

Interviewer: Do you have to make a donation here for the class?

Man: No, never, nobody asked me.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful. So, it really feels like a home, you come into home and see your parents, meditate and then go home. Now, how about you, if there is a young person, teenager want to learn about meditation, do you have your final word to say?

Girl: Well, they should definitely try it, their body will feel relaxed and if they continue doing it, they’ll feel relaxed every day and they’ll have no stress.

Interviewer: So, come to our class. We run a free class here every Wednesday from 7 p.m. and thank you very much for watching our show. We’ll see you next time. Thank you, bye.

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