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TV Show Staff Tries Meditation

Might be nice to chill out.
I think so. Comes a time.
Exactly. We’ll tell you how to do it. Because a couple weeks ago, on Sunrise, we had an incredible response to a segment we did on meditation. Now, we were looking at ways to find some peace and quiet in a short space of time. So, being national stress down day, we decided to get some more tips on how to be stress-free.

No matter where you work, there are places to be, faces to see. But every now and then, it’s nice to tune out, find some inner peace.

So, in a small experiment, I put together the entire Sunrise team, to see how meditation can help us get through the day.

Something that you don’t have to pay for, no secret mantras, no 10-day retreats, no donations, nothing. You just pick it up. Very easy.

Recruiting the help of meditation expert doctor Ramesh Manocha, we down tools in our bustling production office to learn how to achieve our mental silence.

We start with both hands on our lap palm up, breathing gently in and out through the nose, taking our attention away from any external distractions. Keeping our eyes closed, we put our right hand on the top of the tummy on the left side just below the ribs. Here we just say to this energy of meditation within us, “I am my own master”. We just say it silently, so say it silently inside. Otherwise we feel silly. We take a hand to our heart, so we can say here, just a few times silently inside, “I am the spirit”. Take a right hand to where the left shoulder meets the neck, turn the head a little bit to the right and this is a center which accumulates a lot of pressure or tension when we feel too much guilt. So, just to let go of all of that, we say here, “I am not guilty at all”.

Then, we take the right hand to the forehead, grasping the temples to let it all go, “I forgive everyone and everything”. Return the right hand to the lap and sitting quietly, just enjoying the silence within. Now, we gently open our eyes. That’s the basic process.

In the space of just 10 short minutes, doctor Ramesh managed to transport most of us to a different space.

There was one little thing and that’s what I focused on. And things would come up and I’d go, no.

Yeah, I was surprised. I was surprised that we’re sitting above a busy newsroom with phones going off and people having conversation about how easy it was to actually get out of that space and forget where I was.

I found myself concentrating on my breathing more, too.

For just five to ten minutes, twice a day, it’s enough to notice benefits in just a couple of weeks.

So, who’d do it again?

It was amazing.

Oh, yeah. I was really surprised because I’m pretty cynical about that stuff and I went to the happy place. I loved it.

And as Paul said, it was in a busy office with lots of noise and you do find yourself.

Could you hear anything. I couldn’t hear it, I can͛t remember hearing a phone.

I wasn’t quite where you went but I found myself slowing down my thoughts but it was almost like I had super hearing, I could hear every little thing everywhere but that’s okay, maybe my happy place is just noisy.

Full details of that is all on our website so, if you’re interested, and you want to follow it, go to Sunrise website.