1984 - 1986Chapter 1Experiences

Tuesday 25th January – diary entry

Monday 24th January – diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

Had a collective six o’clock meditation, where we were asked to put our attention on the Mooladhara and then on the Sahasrara. Had breakfast then left for Ellora. Reached there and saw the caves – very good sculpture, all carved out of the rock, and had a good meditation in front of the Shiva lingam – the Sahasrara started to open. We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant called Kailash there. We boarded the buses and left for Rahuri, and passed through Shirdi, the place of Sai Baba, the Adi Guru.

We reached Rahuri about 7.00 pm. The bus would not start for a while, and when it did we did not know where we were to sleep so we went to Mr Dhumal’s house and on the way a tree tore the tarpaulin off the top of the bus and four cases fell off. We reached Dhumal’s house and found we were supposed to have arrived earlier and were expected at the sugar factory, so we turned around and went there. It was a brand new building and we rushed through it. After that we had dinner in a huge pendal put up especially for us.

Shri Mataji arrived and asked us if we were alright.

Derek Ferguson