1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

Thou art one with her and knowest not of self in thy supreme joy’

I arrived in the basement and there was Shri Mataji in the kitchen, which was in the basement. I came in through the door.

‘Hello, come here. Just put your hand on My Centre Heart,’ Shri Mataji said, so I walked over and put my hand on Her back at the Centre Heart. There were various people there working and She was moving around the kitchen, so I was walking after Her.

‘Push harder,’ She would say every now and again, and I was pushing so hard, but She was solid as a rock. That went on for a few minutes.

‘Thank you very much,’ She said and that was it. I just went off to work. It had completely cleared my Centre Heart and I had so much energy, I was running around the house and hugging everyone and I felt love for everyone and everything. I got so much work done that day because my Centre Heart was so clear.

John Watkinson