1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Those blessed times

Helping Shri Mataji tidy Her saris | Sahajayoga Reviews

Early on in Sahaja Yoga, in the 1970’s, before Shri Mataji started public programmes at Caxton Hall in London, our Mother looked after us with great love, patience and kindness. We would go to Her house near Oxted in Surrey and She would spend hours explaining about Sahaja Yoga, asking us about our problems and the seeking we had done, and working on each of us with great attention to detail. She would massage our heads with oil; direct us to wash Her Feet and apply kumkum in small pujas as we sat on the floor around Her chair; and each of us would spent literally hours with our head on Her Feet while She worked on our chakras.

The attention that Shri Mataji focused on us was very intense and powerful, and we often felt as if we were swimming in a rich ocean of blissful, golden vibrations. Mother often discussed the future of Sahaja Yoga and the work we would have to do. She talked about the different stages of self realisation and the tests and illusions we must beware of on our ascent, and the complete oneness we would feel with each other when our divinity finally manifested. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and She often made us laugh, and sometimes cooked beautiful meals for us.

In the beginning we often had to leave when Sir CP came home. He was always polite but found it hard to get used to the strange Western seekers his wife was teaching. Shri Mataji tried to bring him around by giving him his realisation, and asked us to help to raise his Kundalini. We tried on several occasions, but the Kundalini could not pierce the Sahasrara, and Shri Mataji said it was difficult for him because of his high position at work and his traditional role as head of the household in Indian society. She said if Sir CP could get his realisation then anyone could. He eventually got his realisation some years later.

Sir CP became fully reconciled to Sahaja Yoga when the Sahaja Yogis helped finish the work on his house in Knightsbridge in central London. Being an honest and trusting gentleman, he had paid some builders in advance to carry out a huge renovation job, and they ran away before finishing. Shri Mataji asked us to come and help complete it, and dozens of Sahaja Yogis worked hard on the house for several months. Sir CP was very grateful and became much more supportive of Sahaja Yoga from then on.

Pat Anslow