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They were so damaged

They were so damaged | Sahajayoga Reviews

From 1979 we started getting a steady stream of people from who had been badly damaged in their seeking. These people knew what they had done was a con, but didn’t know what to do about it. I remember seeing people being worked on, and it was the first time we saw Shri Mataji literally fighting and helping these people, who wanted to be cleared out. She fought with everything.

We used lemons and chillies, which we would bring with us. Shri Mataji had told us to do it and we had found it worked. People would go to Caxton Hall and be ready to give them to Mother to hand to people. The lemons would turn black as soon as She put them near a candle because the people were in such a state. She would use anything, even electric lights, if She didn’t have a flame. Shri Mataji worked night and day on these people.

About once a month we would hire the Great Hall in Caxton Hall, which really held a lot of people. We had a couple come from one false guru and they could see who Shri Mataji was, but their Agnyas were so damaged; Mother said they were short-circuiting completely. Then we had a lot of those people who wore a picture of their guru.

‘Why are you coming here when you have got a guru?’ we would ask. They would come, and want their realisation, and then would argue.

Maureen Rossi

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