1960-1980Chapter 11Experiences

They are waiting for My permission

Some Sahaja Yogis went to Stonehenge and felt a lot of wonderful vibrations coming from the large stones. They suggested that we go there with Shri Mataji, so we went, in several cars.

When we got down there, Shri Mataji bought us all ice creams. And just like little kids, we were all running around our mum eating ice creams, walking around the stones. Eventually we stood close to Mother and were trying to feel the vibrations from the stones and oddly there were no vibrations coming from them.

Some of the Sahaja Yogis who had been there before and had felt the vibrations asked Mother. They were really surprised.

‘We used to feel vibrations here and we are not feeling any,’ they said.

‘That’s because I am here,’ Mother turned to us and said. ‘Out of respect for Me, the stones are not emitting any vibrations. They are waiting for My permission.’

‘All right, now!’ She said, and the moment She said that, the vibrations just came in waves from the stones.

Bala Kanayson