1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

The white handbag

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It had been a long while since Shri Mataji had given Her darshan to the English collective because She had been travelling abroad. Then an invitation arrived for the whole collective to gather for a Diwali celebration at Her residence, the flat below the Surbiton Ashram. Shri Mataji had also invited a sitar maestro to give a concert to us.

Since Shri Mataji would spend Christmas in India the UK Sahaja Yogis arranged a Diwali present for Her in lieu of a Christmas present. It was a white leather handbag. Shri Mataji seemed pleased with the gesture and accepted it.

Someone pointed out that inside was a small coin wallet in the same white leather. She opened the handbag, searched for the wallet and having found it, opened it.

‘But it is empty, there are no coins in it,’ She said.

Then Shri Mataji asked for Her own handbag to be brought so She could put some coins in it as it was not auspicious for it to be empty. Some Sahaja Yogis came forward with a couple of coins, but She said She would only accept one quarter of a pound, because traditionally when one is giving £100 to charity, it is more auspicious to give £101 instead of £100.  Conversely, when receiving, it is more auspicious to ask for less. This principle is also related to the notion some shopkeepers have that it is better to charge £9.99 instead of £10.

At the beginning of Her talk Shri Mataji stated that She was feeling better and She had recovered from Her cold because collectively we had desired that She got better. In those days She allowed the Sahaja Yogis to say a prayer wishing Her a long life and good health, but gradually over the years She did not allow this practice to continue.

The next day Shri Mataji commented in private that while She was giving Her talk the day before the vibrations were not flowing from Her to the back of the room because a lady very new to Sahaja Yoga, still in a bad vibrational state, had sat right in front of Her and had blocked the flow. We all knew who it was, but to our amazement Shri Mataji invited her to come and stay with Her as a guest. Some time later, redecoration was taking place at another of Shri Mataji’s residences.

‘Shri Mataji, this place is looking more beautiful every day!’ I exclaimed.

‘What I enjoy most is seeing, for instance how this lady is looking so well now that her vibrations have improved,’ She replied. ‘It’s one thing to make a place look nice, but to redecorate human beings is only possible if they cooperate. I cannot do it against their will. What pleases Me most is seeing people who at one time were not well and now are progressing well, and I never forget how much they have changed.’

Luis Garrido