1981-1983Chapter 24Experiences

The weight of the world was lifted

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On one occasion I did something which I felt was wrong involving my young son, and which I was concerned might have offended Shri Mataji.

As it happened, Shri Mataji took a taxi to the public programme in Vancouver in 1983, and She invited a few of us to come along in the back seat. My son and I were squeezed in and I was sitting on the edge of the back seat, right up against the front seat with my son in my arms.

I was aware of Who Shri Mataji was right from the outset, and in the taxi I was silently praying to Her. It was during these prayers that Shri Mataji opened Her purse — I was sitting just behind Her left shoulder — and drew out a small bottle of perfume.

I knew beyond a doubt that it was the very same bottle of perfume I had sent Her the year before with a message of love and gratitude for my self realisation and for the opportunity of having been able to see Her in New York. She sprayed some on Her wrists and put it back in Her purse.

At that moment, I closed my eyes and the weight of the world was lifted from me. I suddenly felt very light and very much loved. We hadn’t exchanged even a glance.

I felt a deep comfort that Shri Mataji knew everything and everyone in this same way as I had just experienced.

Liallyn Fitzpatrick