1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

The vibrations are not alright

Shri Mataji vibrated the houses | Sahajayoga Reviews

There was a group of about six young men at Brompton Square one day in 1983. We were all feeling rather lethargic and sat down expecting to spend a nice time at Shri Mataji’s Feet listening to Her soothing motherly words and knowledge, but on that occasion Shri Mataji surprised us.

‘The vibrations in this room are not alright, let us turn them around,’ She stated, and had us moving furniture in all directions, but ‘No, it’s not working,’ She kept saying.

We were still rather serious and worried that we might have to make a few extra changes to the room before the vibrations would lift up. Shri Mataji suggested we bring in additional furniture from the upstairs rooms. This was turning into serious hard work and we were starting to feel a bit tired and worried, but we acceded. Nothing would work, the furniture was too big to fit in and had to be taken back upstairs and still the vibrations were not alright according to Shri Mataji.

We all felt responsible for fixing this and jumped out of our inertia and started grabbing whatever furniture we felt might be the right size and colour from the adjacent rooms. Then we realised how much energy we had if only we put our hearts into solving this problem. But the vibrations were still not right!  We were on the verge of bursting into arguments and were all full of intelligent suggestions, offering them to Shri Mataji, but nothing would work. At one point we all fell to the ground having a good laugh and after a few more attempts Shri Mataji took charge.

‘Just put this one here and push that one a little bit there,’ She patiently said.

Lo and behold everything fell into place and it was incredibly beautiful and different from anything we had ever seen. Now we were elated, thus we sat down again in front of Shri Mataji’s seat expecting Her usual address and comforting words. We were all rather red and sweaty, yet feeling very happy that we had earned the right to sit down.

‘Sometimes it is alright to experiment a little bit, isn’t it?’ Shri Mataji commented. ‘Can someone please open this window for Me?’ One of us stood up and did so, and She went on, ‘Truly you should all have got up at the same time to open the window.’

Then we knew we were still not quite yet there as a group, though we had made some progress from sheer lethargy into action. Shri Mataji closed Her eyes and went into meditation and so did we all, and what a blissful experience Mother gave us while we meditated at Her Feet. There was never a boring moment in the presence of Shri Mataji.

 Luis Garrido