The Truth about Sahaja Yoga – 5 simple pointers

1. Sahaja Yoga is a simplistic yet extremely powerful experiment to understand the truth, the reality, the oneness with the whole among many other experiences that are beyond words.
2. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi always would begin every talk with the following words “I bow to all the seekers of truth” There are people who are seeking the truth but may be they don’t know how to find it and we don’t know what is the truth is. There are two problems that we don’t know how to find the truth.
We may try to interpret truth with limited understanding, using past experiences or conditionings, with a mental understanding or our ego, but is there a way to tangibly understand and know the truth -? It is definitely worth trying Sahaja Yoga as an experiment and see for yourself – the tangible indicators on your hands/top of the head. An experience that lifts the veil of all superficiality to expose the truth, the real you!
3. Anybody can do it. It is essentially a system that is built in within us, is very natural and very effortless. The Kundalini within us, which is a Mothering Energy and the eternal source of our connection with the universal power knows and understands what needs to be done for our benevolence – it is beyond any mental understanding and acts in our own free will.
4. The best part about Sahaja Yoga is that it cannot be forced or imposed beyond our own free will. Just like our thoughts and actions are governed by our free will, Self-Realization begins when we truly desire for it, within our own free will. We can only ascend in our own free will. The transformation can also happen only within bounds of our free will.
5. It is absolutely free of charge. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi never charged any money – on the contrary spent her own to give self-realization across many countries provided free talks across various places and helped transform thousands of lives. All classes are always free of charge.

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