1960-1980Chapter 7Experiences

The sky opened up like a great big halo above us

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At one particular puja, one of the very early pujas, we had a havan outside. We had a book of the thousand Sanskrit names of the Goddess, and we were sitting round putting offerings on the havan, and Shri Mataji was actually reading the names of Herself!

‘This is very strange,’ She pointed out, ‘because you’ve got the Goddess, reading the praise of the Goddess, which is rather unusual,’ but Shri Mataji was the only one who could read them. Whilst we were there, and it was really cold outside because it was late in the year, the sky opened up like a great big halo above us. The sky was quite dark but there was a whole light patch above where we were, because the vibrations that were given out had caused the sky to open.

Maureen Rossi