1960-1980Chapter 8Experiences

The silence was galactic

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This is an unusual conversation and it did take place. Maybe the words are not absolutely exact, but I remember faithfully the sense of it.

‘But Mother, this is really an ugly Kali Yuga. Were there other Kali Yugas like this before?’

‘There were many other Kali Yugas before, but this is one of the worst.’

‘But then, there were also other golden ages before?’

‘Of course, the successions of yugas form a kalpa, which is your universe.’

‘When will our universe finish?’

‘If Sadashiva interrupts it in dancing Tandava, people of God will go back to God and everything else will be destroyed. I do not think it will happen now because of Sahaja Yoga.’

‘If our universe comes and goes like this, it means there were other universes before?’

‘Yes, many.’

‘But, Shri Mataji, where do all these universes go, when they are finished?’

‘They become a chakra in My body.’

Believe me, after this answer, no more questions. And the silence was very galactic.

Gregoire de Kalbermatten