1960-1980Chapter 6Experiences

The shoes of Shri Adi Shakti

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I saw from the very first days the colossal meaning of what Shri Mataji was doing. I recognized She brings the total, the grand revolution, the most radical factor of global change for mankind. The French and Russian revolutions were nothing compared to this.

On the other hand, I was looking around me. ‘How on earth and in the heavens are we going to get there?’ This was the problem and the tension within me. It was like being at the bottom of a huge rock and not knowing how to climb it.

One day in August 1975, in the house of Shri Mataji in Hurst Green, there were about seven Sahaja Yogis around the table. Needless to say, in those days we were all new and there was nobody else. Shri Mataji started putting Her shoes on the table, very nice and elegant ones, no doubt. But, of course, we did not know then that Mother was doing it because the vibrations from Her shoes are so powerful.

I was looking at a group of stunned people, sitting around a table looking at a pair of shoes on the table and thinking, ‘Is it with these people we are going to change the world?’

My mistake was to focus on the people, not the shoes. I did not know what shoes can do if these are the shoes of Shri Adi Shakti. And if the world, indeed, will be transformed, let us handle these shoes with the feelings that Bharat had in handling the shoes of his brother, Shri Rama.

Much later, Shri Mataji named me leader of the USA for a brief period.

‘You are quite qualified for this because you know hell best,’ She told me.

It is true that before Sahaja I had experimented with many forms of adharma, but had also discovered their limitations. So, for me, it was not at all a problem to change my lifestyle after meeting Mother. The way She presented it made full sense, while the moral teachers of my past could not explain why I should not do something I fancied doing. I had done it all and I knew it was dust. On one hand, I finally understood from Mother why virtue was good for me. But, all the same, I did not know how to purify my attention right away, and only meditation helped destroy the addictions.

Gregoire de Kalbermatten