The search for the Divine is an eternal quest. Man is constantly seeking. Today, perhaps more than ever before, millions search tirelessly in bookshops and libraries,and travel the pilgrim routes hoping to find the “Way”.
This growth in the number of seekers of Truth coincides with a growing doubt about the fate of humankind.
At the dawn of the third millennium, this planet of ours is at its lowest ebb. Economies are in irreversible decline, leaving millions of people, both in the developed countries and in those described as “developing”, without
work or means of subsistence. The ecosystem is out of kilter, with global warming and pollution increasing at an incredible rate. Most countries have reached a political stalemate. The ageing and corrupt democracies are no
longer viewed as models, their citizens being no happier than people elsewhere. The use of illicit substances, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants and hypnotics bear witness to a deep and widespread distress in the “advanced” societies. The general disintegration of moral values is such that younger generations have little awareness of any such thing as morality. New diseases have appeared.


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