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The Sahaja Yogis’ desire (diary entry)

Saturday, 14th January 1984, India tour diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

In 1983 the Diwali Puja was to be celebrated in London on the 7th November. The puja concluded a series of celebrations which take place at this time of year. Each one has a particular significance, Shri Mataji explained, during a marvellous introductory conversation the evening before the puja, at the Surbiton ashram in south London.

The struggle against evil is particularly intense, and Diwali is the final, concluding moment of a drama that She plays out every year to show the victory of our Mother. This is shown clearly, internally in the chakras, where the work is done on a larger scale.

Shri Mataji was so beautiful; She spoke about America, from where She had returned the week before, with great satisfaction. She explained how the attention and desire of all the Sahaja Yogis of the world had made it possible for the Adi Shakti to intervene and save even this lost part of humanity. It was the compassion of we who know the normal state of consciousness of humans, but who have risen to a level that is closer to the divine, that in the form of a request, an appeal, to the divine compassion has made this miracle possible.

Alessandra Pallini


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