1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

The recording of Mother’s early talks

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Initially the only recording of Shri Mataji’s talks was done in India. We started to record them in England with a small cassette recorder but the first real recording by the English Sahaja Yogis was at the first public meeting at Caxton Hall on 24th October 1977. This was done with an open reel recorder supplied by Mother Herself.

I was then working at the Audio Visual Department at Kings College at the Aldwych, nearby, and I was taught to transfer recordings from tape to cassette. Also I learnt how to use a tape duplicator, so some of the first copies were done that way. Caxton Hall started in 1977, and from then on it was every week, and I have a list of all the public meetings Shri Mataji gave between 1977 and 1984 there. In about 1979 I bought a high speed tape duplicator and started to copy and distribute tapes.

Initially I used an open reel tape recorder, then bought a small cassette recorder and after a couple of years realised something more professional was needed, so I bought a battery tape recorder and two microphones. This was used for about five years until I bought a high quality recorder, which I used until I stopped doing the recordings in 1985.

Douglas Fry