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The gesture was so full of motherly concern

Shri Mataji was telling bedtime stories | Sahajayoga Reviews

After this I met Shri Mataji at similar gatherings of seekers in a house in Euston. Shri Mataji would come every week, usually on a Sunday, and accompanied by a servant, although occasionally by Herself. It is difficult to imagine now the situations that Shri Mataji subjected Herself to in order to find and rescue the seekers. On one occasion in North Gower Street the room was full of hippies arguing with Shri Mataji that drugs were a good thing. At this point Shri Mataji put Her arms around Herself as if to say, ‘These children are lost. What can I do for them?’ The gesture was so full of motherly concern that it touched my heart.

‘I will give up drugs,’ I said, whereupon the argument subsided.

My first memory of Gregoire de Kalbermatten was when he came to one of the meetings at Gower Street and Shri Mataji was saying it was bad to use drugs.

‘No, it is absolutely not true,’ they were saying.

‘You must stop taking drugs,’ She said.

Gregoire was on his knees.

‘Mother, You must forgive them. They know not what they do,’ he said. It was very dramatic, but very true. He understood what was going on.

It might seem strange that Sahaja Yoga in the West should have its beginnings in such rough, low level surroundings, and yet at the same time Shri Mataji was trying to talk to people in the highest levels of society in England, in which She and Her husband moved, but found no one with any real interest in seeking.

Pat Anslow

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