1981-1983Chapter 22Experiences

The four-legged disciple

The four-legged disciple | Sahajayoga Reviews

At Le Raincy, in about 1983, Shri Mataji had been praising dogs and explained to us that they represented the perfect disciple that was always obeying his master, only wanting to please his master and that we, as their gurus, should also be strong and imbibe the qualities of the guru.

‘Mother, which dog is good?’ someone asked.

‘All dogs are good,’ She paused, ‘except bulldogs,’ and laughed, then went on, ‘German Shepherds are good, like the one she has,’ pointing to Vanda, the German Shepherd that was sitting among us. ‘See, she loves everyone.’

Another Yogi that was present asked about boxer dogs, and Mother said that they were journalists.

‘Mother, what about cats?’ Someone asked.

‘Cats are all right,’ She said, then someone asked whether cats were not negative, and Mother replied, ‘No, no, cats are all right. But they have lost their powers.’

Natalie Amram