Chapter 7Experiences

‘The ceilings, devotion’

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One day Shri Mataji decided to change the colour of Her bedroom ceiling. Shri Mataji wanted me to paint the ceiling not only with all of Her furniture in it, not only all of Her beautiful ornaments but with Shri Mataji in the room also. So I went into Her room with a ladder, paint, paint brush and a plastic sheet. I looked up at the ceiling and began to think where I should start, as the idea of painting the ceiling with everything in the room and Shri Mataji was to say the least out of the ordinary. I tried to work out where to put the plastic sheet in case paint dripped down. I was quite worried about getting the paint on the furniture or on Shri Mataji Herself and in my brain I was projecting/working out where the paint could fall, and my brain went out of control.

‘Oh my god what am I thinking?’ I thought. Then Shri Mataji looked at me and asked what I was doing to which I replied that I was trying to work out where to start.

‘You can start there, you can start over there or you can start there, just start!’ Shri Mataji said

So I just started, I painted all of the ceiling and of course I did not get paint on anything. An unforgettable experience, but with many experiences like this one knows that it happened but part of one’s brain asks, ‘Did that really happen?’

John Watkinson

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