1960-1980Chapter 8Experiences

The Adi Shakti is here

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We were in Kathmandu and we set off for a picnic. We went off for quite some distance up into the hills, all in a car with Shri Mataji. We were looking for a picnic place and heard there was a little hermitage where a saint lived.

‘That sounds interesting. We’ll go up there,’ we said and we drove around and eventually found this place. It was a little kind of a hut, a two-storey thing – quite a nice little place. There was no one there.

‘This is a nice spot for a picnic,’ Mother said. We were all agog about this yogi that was supposed to live there and we were trying the vibrations and Mother said, ‘I think he’s realised, this yogi.’

We were so excited because we had this great idea of a great sage meeting the Adi Shakti. We thought that this was going to be an amazing thing. The picnic drew to an end and we were looking everywhere and sure enough, the yogi came down the path with his hair done up in a topknot. We were on fire with excitement and very confused. Suddenly, he was sitting down and Mother was working on him.

‘He’s out of his mind,’ Gregoire’s servant said in an aside to us. He was realised, but he was a bit mad and Mother was helping him.

The time came to leave and we discovered that Mother’s purse had been stolen. We started looking everywhere for this purse and then some local people said they would find it. We went back to the car and we could see all over the hillside people running from house to house and more and more people would join in the search. Eventually, they found the purse and brought it back. Mother gave the person who found it a reward. She called all the little children there to come up and get realisation and each child She gave realisation to, She gave one rupee. One of the Sahaja Yogis who was there was surprised.

‘I am the Adi Shakti. I can do anything I like,’ Shri Mataji replied.

Pat Anslow