1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

That started my seeking

Shri Mataji brought together people from all over the globe | Sahajayoga Reviews

About two months before I got realisation, in 1983, I had to do a gilding job, some chairs and a sofa, because that is my work. I had to deliver them to Brompton Square, just up from Shri Mataji’s house. One afternoon I was driving round Brompton Square very slowly, looking for the house where the chairs had to go. I got to the other side and saw a beautiful lady wearing a wonderful sari.

I now know it was Shri Mataji and She must have just got back from a function with Sir CP. I was surprised, because I had never seen an Indian lady dressed as beautifully, it was fantastic and that stuck in my mind.

As I got to the house where I had to go, near Shri Mataji’s house, I am sure that Mother looked at me and then went back inside Her house. That started my seeking.

Antonio Scialo