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Testimonial – Presentation on Throat Chakra and Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Hello everyone, I’m Sam. I’m 20 years old and I’ve been in Sahaj yoga for about three months now and I’ve never done a presentation like this before. This is my first time ever up in front of class or anything, in front of a group of people to talk about anything ever. I never went to school, I was home-schooled, that’s a totally different subject, I’m not going to get into and I prepared nothing but I’m ready. And I’m an expert apparently. Really though, I didn’t feel like I needed to prepare a whole lot because I knew it would come, I knew I had the information and I knew it would come naturally when it was time for me to present. I just knew it would come to me whatever I needed to say, whatever was necessary for me to say that it would come to me while I was here standing in front of you talking.

So, I didn’t feel like I had to try and memorize and stress about what to say or what to do while I was up here because there’s no worries, in Sahaja yoga, who worries? You don’t need to worry. The mind takes care of everything, you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s wonderful, it’s so very freeing and great. It started, I guess in the beginning.

Before I actually joined Sahaja yoga, my mom had told me about the Guru Game and I thought it was a wonderful idea. I love learning, I love learning about anything and everything and when she told me I was like, I want to do that, I’m not in Sahaja yoga but I want to do it. I want to learn about the chakras. Oh I wanted to learn, I wanted a chance to do it like especially to be able to feel the vibrations and to pick, like to use the vibrations to pick what chakra you need to work on, I thought is was an amazing idea. I joined and I think it was after my first class, my mom came home and said, I wanted you to join the Guru Game. I’m like, okay, sure, yeah. It was great. I don’t think it was that night but it was not too long after, I think it was before the next class that I went to. We write down all the numbers on pieces of paper and we fold them up so you can’t see and you just spread them out around and you use vibrations to pick. And mom said just feel them, see what you feel and I have felt the coolness so I knew what it was. I felt over the different pieces of paper and I kept going back to a couple of them, I could feel the coolness on them but there was one that I just kept going back to. Two or three times I went back to the same piece of paper and I could feel the coolness. At one point, I even feel a little bit of heat, like it was after I felt coolness a few times, I could feel some heat. So, I thought, okay, I have to pick this one. There’s a reason for me to pick this one. So, it was number five, Vishuddhi Chakra and at the time, I’ve only been to one class, so all I knew is that the negativity on the vishuddhi chakra is guilt. So I’m like, I don’t feel a lot of guilt, I didn’t understand why I picked vishuddhi because I don’t feel guilty about a lot of things. I mean, there’s small things here and there, everyone has a little bit of guilt but it wasn’t a big deal for me. But not even minutes after, like immediately after, I picked a number, like, okay, number five, where’s the beginner book, let me read, let me find out what I can learn about this right away. The first thing I noticed was that there’s sixteen petals which is important to me because the number eight, which of course, eight times two, sixteen, the number eight has always been very, very important in my life. I was born 8/18, what was it, 8:48 a.m. So, eights, all over the place. Immediately that got my attention I went, again? The number 8 is everywhere. I see it all the time. I have a great connection with spiders which they’re the number 8. Sideways 8 is the universe symbol. So, number 8 has just been very dominant in my life. So, that got my attention. And then I looked further and I noticed the element was the ether, the sky, space. Again, I have a huge connection, I’ve always had a connection with space, stars, just like, the sky, I’ve always had a connection with that. I’m going, okay, I’ve already got connections with this chakra, what else can I learn about it? And the experience has been wonderful, just learning, I find I pick up little things everywhere and whenever someone’s talking about vishuddhi, I’m like, oh, what are you talking about, what is that, want to know, give me all the information. I just wanted to know everything and I just absorbed the information so much. I did learn a lot about myself as well, because I have spent, since I was 12, 13, I’ve spent all my time on the computer. Just like, like I said, I was home-schooled so I don’t have go to school every day
and so I spent a lot of my time on the computer. I learned a ton, I don’t regret at all being on, spending so much time on the computer. I learned so much there. It was absolutely wonderful experience, it still is. I still go on the computer a lot. I have friends there, I have learned so much but I wasn’t collective, I wasn’t a collective person. I didn’t go out, I wasn’t with people. Even up until maybe two years ago or so, I didn’t talk to people either, besides my family, like I would talk to my mom and my sister but even then, it wasn’t a lot. I was fairly shut off, it was my choice, I chose to be that way and that’s okay, I don’t regret it, I’m fine about it. It was a great experience, I learned so much. But it did block my vishuddhi chakra and I understand that now, that it has locked up that center for me just because I didn’t communicate, I wasn’t collective, I didn’t have a group of people that I would spend time with. I do now, Sahaja yoga is a huge family, I love it here, it’s made me a collective person and look, I’m standing up here, talking. I’m not nervous, I was nervous two minutes ago when I was sitting there but now I’m fine, this is great, I’m having a good time.

– You changed so much, you opened up, your face opened up, everything is so different.

Sam: Yes, I have noticed that about myself that my heart has opened to other people, to everyone. Just so much love and everything and just the collectivity of it. I’m coming here and I’m so excited to see everybody, I’m so happy, hi, how are you doing, talking to everybody and communicating. Years ago, before I started talking, it started when I started talking over Skype with my friends online and I started being more comfortable talking. Before that, I was scared to talk to people. I would never have been able to get out here and do this. But it started with that. I started communicating and then I started coming here and I’ve learned about the subtle system and how to clear myself. I learned that that was an issue for me and too, on a physical level, I had acne problems. The vishuddhi takes care of your skin, your teeth, your eyes, your ears. I can’t hear very well at this ear. I can’t and it’s, you know, for various reasons, I’m not sure why entirely but I’ve got a bad ear. My eyes aren’t great, I wear glasses. I’ve got acne issues. So, on a physical level, it has manifested itself because I have, it has been since I’ve been on the computer, it has manifested itself. But it is improving. My eyesight’s improving, I need a new prescription, my eyes, I’ve seen that in looking over my glasses, you see me looking over my glasses because I can see better. I need to go get a new prescription. And, I was going to say something else, but it went away.

– And you can even hear vibrations

Sam: Yes, I have actually ever since been better, it hasn’t been as blocked up as it was before. So, it is improving. It’s a work in progress, everything in Sahaja yoga is a work in progress. Another big experience for me was a picture that I drew. It originally, it was an inspiration from the Krishna puja but the image itself didn’t work out. I drew it, yes. I drew this online, you just plug into the computer. I just brought it along just to show you how it’s done. So, it’s done totally free hand by me, draw, you look at the computer and draw on here, so it takes very good hand-eye coordination to be able to do it.

I find there’s so meaning in this picture just like to do with vishuddhi. There’s 16 birds. The birds are, well, they’re collective, I picked about eight birds that are native to India, as well as birds native to America because America is vishuddhi, represented by vishuddhi. So, both American birds and Indian birds. I would have picked birds from other places as well, but I didn’t want to mix it in too much, become too difficult. There’s Saturn up there and the night sky and the sunrise. The peacock, of course, is represented. And the bells and these blue things are actually, I modeled them as for decoration after the anklets that Shri Krisha wears.

-And the white birds in the middle?

Sam: They’re holding a flute, together, they’re holding the flute together. They’re collectively holding the flute. There’s a few of them, these two birds here and those two there look like they’re interacting, they’re actually, one bird is American bird. Something I actually noticed the other day, that was not intentional, is there’s actually three branches for the three channels a little curly at the end there. I didn’t even notice that until maybe two days ago when I was looking and I was like, okay, I’ll just add that in to my presentation. It was an amazing experience to do it. At one point, when I was just doing the initial sketch of it, I felt so much gratitude. I don’t know where it came from or what it was from, I just felt overwhelming sense of gratitude and it came out amazing. I love how it came out.

– The light is, there are some shades in them, it’s like something irradiates from those white birds.

Sam: The wind is playing the flute, the birds are singing along.

-But they look like vibrations, I have no idea how you made that, that was the halo and it’s like new constellations coming up from there.

Sam: Well, the stars, I didn’t do each individual star myself, but I did design the way that the sky is. I did that just last night actually. I just did the background, it was all done yesterday.

-How much time did it take for the entire

Sam: I’m a very slow drawer. I am a slow artist. I worked, last Wednesday I started to this Wednesday. So, every day I was doing some and a lot of time. I’m almost afraid to tell you how much time. On Sunday, I worked for 11 hours, which I think is the longest stretch, it was 11 hours that I worked on it.

-In between other things though?

Sam: In between, I was doing other stuff, too, just like things here and there but, yeah, I did most of the time I did bandhan before working on it and I tried my best to stay in thoughtless awareness while I was working on. It didn’t always work, especially near the end where I was just, okay, it’s almost Wednesday, I need to hurry up a little bit. The entire time, I found it worked best with music, so I had Sahaja yoga music playing the entire time I was working on it. For hours, I would just listen to the playlist on the site. I tried to do it in the most Sahaja way possible and I just let it flow and went with the ideas that I had and that’s what came of it and I don’t regret the work at all.

Look at the one wing of that white bird. You see, like protecting its responsibilities. It looks really nice up there. It’s really big. I drew a huge, the canvas was huge, it was like 2500 pixels by 2000 pixels, which is very big, that’s why it took so long. I am amazed by how beautiful it is. I can’t believe I did that.

-Sam, is it possible to blow it up like a poster? We could pay money for whatever for Youth Program.

Sam: I was originally going to get it printed out in the morning physically, but there just wasn’t time. I mean, I only finished it last night, there wouldn’t have been time to get it blown up on the way over.

– The 15:47 is bigger.

Sam: Yeah, it’s bigger. Well, I kind of came to the realization that, Joy, you have a computer, it hooks up to this, right, oh my God, beautiful. That was last Wednesday, I asked him to bring it.

-So, any word towards the end?

Sam: It’s been a great experience, Sahaja yoga, learning so much, it’s been incredible just to learn so much about myself and about vishuddhi. And I feel such a connection with the vishuddhi chakra, which I have gotten from studying it, learning it and just being aware that that’s, oh, I’m going to be presenting on this so let’s just keep an open mind and listen and learn whatever I could. And it’s been incredible, it really has. I’ve learned so much and it’s been a wonderful experience. Thank you so much everyone just for being here, for being my family. I had a great time with it. There’s a cowbell, too, I didn’t mention that, there’s actually a cowbell, that was a last minute addition.

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