1981-1983Chapter 23Experiences

Technology to help us

Shri Mataji was explaining the qualities of the tamarind tree, which was above Her. | Sahajayoga Reviews

Before I got married I stayed for a while with a Sahaj family – as in a training camp, so to speak – supporting the mother–to-be as she was soon to have her baby.

When the time of birth came the couple went to the hospital and I stayed back in the house. Suddenly I received a phone call by the father asking me to immediately call Shri Mataji and say that there were complications and that a caesarean had been advised.

As asked, I called Brompton Square and to my surprise spoke directly to Shri Mataji Herself. Mother was so calming and Her tone so soft and comforting. She told me to let them know that they should not worry.

‘After all,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘I invented all this technology to help you and anyway, I shall be there.’

The baby was born through a caesarean, without any complications for mother and child.

Gillian Woltron