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Take some vibrated water from the puja

Take some vibrated water from the puja | Sahajayoga Reviews

In June 1983 my father had just met Shri Mataji for the first time, in Paris. He was a simple countryman, a very deep and loving soul. That year, Shri Mataji invited all the new French people from different parts of the country, about thirty, to come and meet Her in Her room. She addressed a nice word to each individual.

‘I would recommend,’ Shri Mataji said, ’each of you to take some vibrated water from the puja we had together and sprinkle it in your houses and everywhere around, where you feel there is some negativity. It will clear things out!’

My father went back to Brittany with a tiny bottle of vibrated water. The following morning, he decided to go and give a special treatment to the field he had planted with potatoes. A common disease called mildew had been developing amongst the plants, by which the leaves were turning yellow. If nothing was done, the crops were at risk. That morning was foggy and we couldn’t see at two metres ahead of us. Following Shri Mataji’s advice, my father added some vibrated water to the product he prepared to sprinkle around the field. At about two or three in the afternoon, the sun came out and the fog disappeared. My father came running to me.

‘Come quickly, this is extraordinary! Come and see! This is Shri Mataji for sure!’ I rushed to the field and discovered the leaves of the potatoes had turned green again (normally it would take a few days before they could get back to their original colour). Most incredible of all, they had grown by four to five centimetres within a few hours! Our neighbour, a rather gross farmer, was shouting in a strong dialect.

‘How come? I don’t understand! This morning your potatoes were yellow and now they’re green! On top of that, they’ve grown!’ Also, a couple of months later all the village farmers were intensively busy discussing the amazing size of our potatoes compared to theirs.

Guillemette Metouri