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Songs in praise of Shri Mataji

Songs in praise of Shri Mataji | Sahajayoga Reviews

A lot of devotional songs were written at that time for Shri Mataji. She would allow anyone who was poetic, either at the beginning of the programme or afterwards, to do namaskar and sing whatever they had composed. This was before Mother went to England.

‘This one is beautiful,’ or, ‘This one should be set to the harmonium,’ Shri Mataji would say, but I don’t know if they were ever recorded. They weren’t bhajans, just songs in praise of Shri Mataji. They might have been printed in the early books, or souvenirs that were handed out at public programmes.

Once Shri Mataji had a programme on the front lawns of Her house and the yogis were sitting around, and Shri Mataji was holding Her granddaughter. She was attending to Her granddaughter and also talking to the yogis. That place was right next to the ocean.

There were programmes in different halls in Mumbai, sets of two or three programmes. Before Shri Mataji actually gave public programmes it was word of mouth, whenever She was going to have a set of programmes for the people who had already got their realisation. One time the Sahaja Yogis sent hundreds of postcards informing everyone about some programmes.

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