1998 - 2011Chapter 14Experiences

Shri Mataji’s visit to Togliatti, Russia, 2009

At 5:50 am, on September 11th, the flight from Frankfurt has landed in the airport, not far from Togliatti, the Holy Feet of Shri Adi Shakti stepped onto the Russian land. Sahaja Yogis are meeting Mother and Her family with beautiful flowers and their hearts thrust open. At 7.00 am the escort consisting of fifteen cars starts off to the venue of the Festival. After a deep meditation about 3000 Yogis lined up on both the sides preparing to meet Shri Mataji. Beat of the drums. In front of Shri Mataji’s car, rose petals are falling.

Tears of joy are in the eyes of many! Is it real that Mother has come to Russia? Thank You, Beloved Mother, for all the love You are giving Your children, for Your compassion  with which You fulfil our desires and meet with us. The car of Shri Mataji has reached the house. The drums have become silent. Silence inside and around. The loving children are longing to absorb all the vibrations which Shri Adi Shakti gives us.

Several minutes after Shri Mataji disappeared in the house, the doors opened again – for the Mother to meet Her children. All the Yogis were invited onto the lawn in front of the house on the front porch of which Shri Mataji had come out. Spontaneously the desire to sing a bhajan Kundalini, Kundalini for Mother was born – the voices of brothers and sisters flowed together into one chorus. Shri Mataji desired to listen to one more bhajan – the yogis started singing the Twelve Names of Shri Ganesha. A harmonium and then a dholak joined it. Silence set in again.

‘Puja,’ Shri Mataji said.

Leaving for Her room for breakfast, Shri Mataji expressed the desire that Sahaja Yogis continued singing. Other bhajans were performed, such as Jago Savera and Vishvavandita and others.

It is verily a puja; Shri Mataji, let Your Lotus Feet be in our hearts – Jai Shri Mataji!

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