1960-1980Chapter 8Experiences

Shri Mataji wrote on the certificate

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I got this ‘certificate’ after a local sightseeing flight to Mount Everest from Kathmandu during the first India Tour in 1977. On the way towards Mount Everest the plane flew quite a distance away from it, then turned in a wide circle and flew back much closer to it, so that I did not get a good view from the side I was sitting on. I used to get very deeply upset about things I perceived to be ‘unfair’ in those days, and so it was in this case, to the point where my sister Maureen went and asked the pilots if I could come into their cabin and see the view from there, and they agreed, but I was so angry I refused!

When we got back to the airport we were met by Shri Mataji, who asked why I was so upset, after which She wrote my name on the certificate to cheer me up.

Pat Anslow

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