1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Shri Mataji worked on people with so much love

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Before we had the programmes at Caxton Hall, from October 1977, we had meetings in a Sahaja Yogi’s place on Sundays and sometimes in the middle of the week. Shri Mataji used to come, even though She lived quite far away.

She had so much love that She worked on certain people who came to these meetings, even though they were not necessarily great seekers – they maybe had a marriage problem or some personal problem. Shri Mataji never felt that these people were a burden on Her; She never showed it anyway.

It was an intermediate period, during which many people came to Sahaja Yoga and left and Mother worked on them without ever putting any demands. She always let people choose what they wanted to do. She never forced on people that they should stay in Sahaja Yoga. She always showed a lot of concern for them, for their health, for their well-being, but it paid off because once we started the programmes, then we had real seekers, a whole wave of real seekers coming into Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga changed beyond recognition after just a few months, even though until the end of 1977 and throughout 1978 we still had these smaller meetings, where the core of Sahaja Yogis used to come and Mother used to invite us in Her home.

Djamel Metouri