1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Shri Mataji welcomed everybody with joy

The gesture was so full of motherly concern | Sahajayoga Reviews

After the introductory programmes at Caxton Hall there followed a hugely exciting time with large numbers of seekers coming to see Shri Mataji at the Finchley ashram. The number of yogis went up tenfold almost overnight. For us it was wonderful, a dream come true, to be able to share what we had found with other seekers, to experience the joy and wonder of discovering Shri Mataji afresh through the eyes of the newcomers.

For Shri Mataji of course, it must have meant a considerable additional burden, working on the problems of so many people whose seeking had taken them into so many dark and dangerous places. She gave no sign of it, however, welcoming everyone with joy and working tirelessly with them, listening to their problems and healing their wounds. Some sessions would last an entire weekend.

Pat Anslow