1960-1980Chapter 6Experiences

Shri Mataji was very patient

A lot of clearing out went on | Sahajayoga Reviews

I remember in the mid-seventies in the UK Shri Mataji being quite stern with the early Sahaja Yogis at times. She could be incredibly humorous and very warm, but quite stern when She needed to be. She was very much a mother figure in every way in those days. Like, one man went off to try the vibrations of the graveyard. He came back and Mother had to work on him for hours on end.

‘What did you do this for?’ She said, and he couldn’t explain it.

An early Sahaja Yogini went off somewhere and bought a necklace.

‘You’ve got to try the vibrations of things,’ Shri Mataji said, and, ‘This thing, there’s something not quite right.’

She had the Sahaja Yogini get a bucket of water and put the necklace in the water and the water turned black, a black cloud came out of it. Shri Mataji was very patient.

Kevin Anslow