1987 - 1989Chapter 4Experiences

Shri Mataji was very concerned

Shri Mataji nestled Her children in a vibrating land | Sahajayoga Reviews

In America, at the New Rochelle ashram, New York, I used to have to go down when Shri Mataji came, and baby sit for the children of the people living there, or make the tea or something. One time I was asked to put a hot water bottle into Shri Mataji’s bed. She was sitting alone in Her room and She had just come back from a public programme. She asked me what I thought about it.

‘I thought it was wonderful,’ I said, or something like that.

‘This city (or maybe country) was completely abandoned,’ She replied. She was obviously very concerned that it would work out.

Another time, at the Shri Vishnumaya Puja in Connecticut, I was looking after the Kalbermatten children, and everyone was busy getting everything ready. We were walking along to the road and a car drew up with Shri Mataji in it. She corrected all the yogis, because our attention was not on Her, and we were not there to receive Her. We were all into planning, in our ego and into getting the puja hall ready.

Pamela Mathews