1960-1980Chapter 3Experiences

Shri Mataji was in a white sari

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I got my realisation on the 14th of April 1972 in a big apartment called Jeevan Jyot in Mumbai. Shri Mataji used to receive people in Her house every day in 1972, before going to America. My first experience of meditation was when I was told to sit quiet for some time with closed eyes. It might have been fifteen minutes, but I thought maybe it was two hours. Anyway, then they said I got my realisation and we went to Shri Mataji. She was in a white sari, just sitting there.

‘You can either go and put your head under Her Feet,’ they said, ‘or you can go towards Her hand.’ When my turn came, I was near Shri Mataji’s hand and She put some amla oil on my head and massaged it for me. She asked me how I felt.

‘Very fine,’ I replied. She asked me my name and was very happy to hear it.

Avdhut Pai