1960-1980Chapter 13Experiences

Shri Mataji said what was in my mind

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I had read about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga some time before in a popular magazine, The Digest of India. There was a full-page article and it talked in detail about Kundalini awakening and Sahaja Yoga. I read it with great interest, but did not know if I would ever get a chance to meet Shri Mataji.

Then about a month later, I was in Delhi for the weekend and happened to see an advertisement in the paper for a programme where Shri Mataji was coming to give people en masse enlightenment. All our family got together and went to the programme. It was wonderful. Having listened to Shri Mataji, I was very, very touched. It was cold, being winter in Delhi, and we weren’t sure whether the cool wind was coming from the weather round about or whether it was coming from the body.

In those days, in the late 1970’s, it was customary that everybody queued up in front of Shri Mataji, who sat on a big chair, and as your turn came, you bowed down and placed you palms face upwards in front of Her and She placed Her Holy Feet on top of your palms and then She verified and declared whether you had got the awakening or not. When I came there, She asked me how I felt. I explained that I wasn’t quite sure whether the wind was coming from all around because it was cold and winter. She called a couple of people who were standing around.

‘Come, take a look at this boy. His entire face has changed,’ She said. Of course, at that moment, I couldn’t assess what I looked like. Shri Mataji said that I had got enlightenment and directed some people to get a book for me, which was named The Advent. I told Shri Mataji I was going away from Delhi because I was a pilot in the Indian Air Force and had been posted to Punjab. She asked me when I had to go. I told Her I had to catch a train the following night and She said I should bring my bags to the programme, then go after that.

That next day, to my amazement, I saw a Kundalini moving at the back of a lady who was sitting in front of Shri Mataji and some Sahaja Yogis were working on her. I was totally dumbfounded when I saw it move up about three inches when the people worked on her.