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Shri Mataji said they were absolutely beautiful

Shri Mataji nestled Her children in a vibrating land | Sahajayoga Reviews

Shri Mataji spent a lot of time talking to people, and clearing people. All sorts of people came and then there was a public programme, at the Town Hall in Christchurch, which was about a ten minute drive away from where we were staying. The musicians from Australia had come over, and the yogis started the programme. Shri Mataji waited at the motel and finally we moved to the car with Her and drove to the hall about an hour and a half after it was due to start.

Shri Mataji did not want to stop at the hall, so we drove up and around the huge park in the centre of Christchurch. She looked at all the trees and said how beautiful they were. She mentioned that England had too many trees, but that this park was beautiful. She loved Christchurch and said it was like a Disneyland version of England. There were some willow trees and Shri Mataji said that even in England the willows were not as beautiful as those. I mentioned that the willows had a disease, but Shri Mataji said She would put Her attention on it. There are some botanical gardens in that park and Shri Mataji said they were absolutely beautiful. We arrived back at the hall and it was about two hours after the time that the programme was meant to start.

We went in the hall and a lot of people were leaving. Nevertheless, Shri Mataji gave a lovely talk to the people of Christchurch. About six hundred people got their realisation and afterwards a lot of people went up to Her and She worked on them, so graciously.

Pam Mathews