1981-1983Chapter 22Experiences

Shri Mataji playing with a child

Shri Mataji playing with a child | Sahajayoga Reviews

One day, in the late spring of 1983, Shri Mataji arrived at the Brighton ashram in the morning and distributed presents to the children. Among the presents there were some small brass tea pots, less than an inch high. Some of us thought the teapots were far too small. Shri Mataji was able to read our minds and explained that children prefer things on a small scale, like small tables and chairs, and they appreciate tiny objects very much.

Then Shri Mataji delivered a lecture to all present. Meanwhile a small girl of about four years old kept trying to take some roasted chickpeas from Her side plate. She managed to stop the child from getting to the chickpeas because these were hot spicy ones, not suitable to a child of tender age, but the child kept trying. Shri Mataji interrupted Her talk and commented that usually a small child would have followed Her directions, which raised the question of whether this child was quite hungry. She addressed the mother.

‘Did you give breakfast to your daughter this morning?’

The mother was shocked to realise that with the morning rush to catch the train she had indeed forgotten her daughter’s breakfast. The omission was remedied immediately and the child was taken to the kitchen. By the time Shri Mataji had finished Her talk the child returned to the sitting room carrying her tiny brass teapot. Shri Mataji waved at her and she came forward. Then She started playing with her by inserting chickpeas into the teapot. The little girl found this game extremely funny and laughed out loud every time Shri Mataji did that. Even three chickpeas would have been enough to fill up the teapot but Shri Mataji kept inserting more and more and the child giggled uncontrollably every time the game was repeated. Laughter is contagious and soon everybody was laughing. Gradually it dawned on us that what Shri Mataji was doing went beyond the usual laws of physics. A Sahaja Yogi started to count out loud every time She inserted a chickpea and went up to twenty one. By now we were no longer laughing.

Suddenly the child took the teapot away and rushed back to her mum. As if nothing had happened, Shri Mataji started to greet some of the people She had not met before.

Luis Garrido