1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Shri Mataji never tired of clearing us out

Mahasaraswati Puja, 14 January 1983, Dhulia India | Sahajayoga Reviews

Once, Shri Mataji came to the house in Gower Street when we used to have meetings there on Sunday afternoons.

‘You are all so caught up,’ She said when She came. We had been playing a Chinese game called mahjong.

‘What is this?’ She said. ‘How did you get so badly caught up?’ We got caught up from the mahjong. She worked on us virtually all afternoon and evening and then at night one Sahaja Yogi had to put one hand on Shri Mataji and we made a chain, so we were all holding hands all night. She was asleep, sometimes waking up.

‘Put your hand here,’ or ‘Put your hand there,’ She would say.  I can’t imagine any human being able to do that.

‘Alright,’ Shri Mataji said the next day.

‘You should go and watch a movie,’ She would say, to have a change of atmosphere.

She would work virtually twenty-four hours. She put so much love into us, and worked so hard and we were far from perfect, yet She always had love for us. She always received us: think of all the love She gave us.

‘If you can’t love others,’ Shri Mataji Herself said later on, ‘considering the love I give you, you can’t love anyone.’ It was true because the love She gave us was so powerful. There was so much of it and She showed it at every single moment. She never tired of loving every one of us and was never tired of clearing us out. Every time we went to see Her, She always looked at our vibrations.

Shri Mataji always worked on us. It was a non-stop job for many years.

Djamel Metouri