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Shri Mataji in India

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I would like to share a brief summary of Shri Mataji`s tryst with a great realised ascetic, Gagangiri Maharaj. My dad was with Shri Mataji at that time and I would like to enumerate whatever he experienced there. This meeting happened sometime in the 1970’s. Gagangiri Maharaj lived near a place called Khopoli, in Maharashtra, which is between Mumbai and Pune. His ashram was located on a small hilltop where he used to stay with his disciples. Once Shri Mataji expressed a desire to meet him and She, along with a few yogis, went to meet him. The following are some of the excerpts from their conversation.
‘Mother, I knew that You would come on this particular day to give me self realisation,’ Gagangiri Maharaj began. ‘I have been waiting for this time for thousands of years. By severe penances and by living an austere life I have been able to clean every chakra form the Mooladhara to the Agnya, but I knew that finally You would help me to jump from the Agnya to the Sahasrara to obtain beatitude and bliss. When You were climbing the hill, I could see You in Your original form of Adi Shakti, accompanied by all the deities dancing in the procession.’
He then offered Shri Mataji a sari and looked at all the yogis who were there with Her.
‘Mother, why are You giving so much to all these people?’ he went on. ‘Do they understand the real worth of it? Do they understand what they have achieved so easily? It took me thousands of years to get my realisation. I had to go through severe penances and live an austere life.’
‘You are a guru and cannot be a mother,’ She replied. ‘I am the Mother and cannot be a guru like you. A mother always gives everything to her children selflessly. A guru will expect his disciple to go through all the hardships before he gets the blessings but a mother cannot do that. So, now you have achieved such a state, then why don’t you help Me in My work?’
‘As You say Mother. I was not lucky enough to have a mother like You, before,’ Gagangiri Maharaj said, and to the yogis added, ‘You all are very lucky to get so much from Mother Herself. So understand the worth of it and grow.’
The next morning, Shri Mataji woke up early and was sitting on the swing outside the ashram. My dad had also woken up by then and he observed that two disclike objects were revolving around Shri Mataji for almost thirty to forty-five minutes.

‘You can leave,” She then said and both of them soared high in the sky with tremendous speed and disappeared. My dad then asked Mother about this and She told him that sometimes Shri Hanumana and Shri Bhairava wanted to be with Her and that the two discs he saw were them.

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