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Shri Mataji has come on this earth as Shri Mahamaya

Shri Mataji has come on this earth as Shri Mahamaya | Sahajayoga Reviews

These three short stories show how Shri Mataji came on this earth as Shri Mahamaya.

It was in the early eighties, in Paris, and She was resting in Her room. Somebody came in.

‘Shri Mataji is sleeping, take care,’ my wife said.

‘I was not sleeping,’ She said, opening Her eyes. ‘If I was sleeping, this world would be destroyed.’

On another occasion I was taking vibrations from Shri Mataji. She often asked us to do this, and said it helped Her.

‘You know, I have seven worlds to manage,’ She said. ‘I was somewhere else.’

Another time, after a public programme in Paris, also in the eighties, She was very happy with it and we were coming out of Paris to go back to the ashram in the suburb.

‘Patrick, can you see how Lord Shiva is happy with the programme? Can you see the red colour in the sky?’ She said.

‘No Shri Mataji, I don’t see it,’ I replied, because I was driving and there was a lot of traffic.

‘Oh just a minute,’ She went on. The colour that was at the back just came in front of me so I could see it while I was driving.

In the eighties Shri Mataji was very much the Mother with the yogis who were with Her. For example, She would put a shawl around the shoulders of a yogini who needed to be more secure, or warmer, a very motherly gesture.

In the nineties, Shri Mataji was very much the guru, telling us what to do.

Patrick Lantoin