1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Shri Mataji got us everything

Hail to the great Mother, the invincible warrior | Sahajayoga Reviews

The first London ashram was in Acton in West London, in 1977. The ashram was a rented place, a little house at the bottom of a hill right next to a railway line, so at the back you had trains thundering by and at the front you had lorries making that huge hissing noise on their brakes or revving up to go up the hill. Djamel Metouri and I slept in the lounge. It was really exciting.

Shri Mataji found it and arranged it all for us. She got us everything, even the ironing board. We only stayed there for six weeks or so, and then Shri Mataji told us that She had found a better place in Finchley, in North London. I can’t remember exactly what the initial financial arrangements in acquiring the Finchley Road ashram were, but I’m sure that Shri Mataji must have put up most if not all of the money required. We at least were all working by then and could pay the rent.

Pat Anslow